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Favourites // January

Hi Guys !  So. . . The first favourites of the year are upon us ✨ It was a really cold month with a lot of snow, January has gone by so fast . . It's also the 1# post what I'm posting right now here. I wished I did it earlier but too bad I didn't had time to make a post. So. . we also trying to write as good as we can in English, so I'm sorry if I'm making a few mistakes. We hope you gonna like it :)Onto the favorites !Last month ( January ), I had a few favourites stuff/products, just different things, from make-up products to hair and many more !

Beauty Products ✨ :

FIT maybelline new york Foundation .130 / Chanel SPF 15/60
I really like the maybelline new york fit foundation, it's really nice and not expensive, I don't need much of it you can just put a small drop on you're hand and that's it ! and it's enough for you're whole face :) I can use it for like a month before it's empty . .  The foundation of Chanel is too bad a little too dark for my face, but that's not the end of the world and I don't going to throw it away. So I use it for my cheeks like a bronzer, sometimes I use it for contouring my face. It's not a thick foundation what is also a +, it's nice and smooth and with this one the same story, you just need a small drop and that's enough  :)
The FIT Maybelline New York foundation are available in the drugstores and Chanel is available in stores like  Douglas  
CATRICE Lipticks : < Ultimate Colour 'on the pink side of life'390 - > Luminous Lips 'pretty little valentine' 040

The black one I bought spontaneously , I just wanted a new lipstick so I bought this one, and I just love it ... as you can see, because a small piece of it left . . The colour is perfect, it's not to dark and it's a matt color, It stays  for a while on you're lips. It's a fine lipstick for just everyday. So and late I bought the silver one, and I'm also in love with that color it looks darker than in reality, it's actually like a nude color with a little bit shine, you can compare it a little bit to a labello stick... Those are available in the drugstores 

Wibo - Contour Pallette - 3 steps to perfect face

I searched for a while for a contour palette, I went for Christmas / New year holidays to Poland, I went to a drugstore (Rosmann) and saw this one, I didn't know if it was worth the money, but i took it with me to try this one, I als never heard  of the brand ' Wibo'  so i try it out an I'm satisfied of this product, it's a good product, without any problems I can contour my face, you don't need much of it because it has much pigment in the colors, I use it very often, so it's defiantly a favorite one. . I bought this in Poland in the Rosmann, so I don't know of this is available in other drugstores because I don't really know this brand. But who knows you can find somewhere  or just search on the internet :)

Maybelline New York - Brow Drama . medium brown /  Rival de Loop Eyebrowpencil

Eyebrow Gel from Maybelline New York . . . Just a very. . very nice product, If you fill in you're eyebrows and you want them on point, You can brush it over you're eyebrows and it stays the whole day, Once I felt a sleep . . and believe me, nothing happend with the eyebrows, It isn't expensive so for that money it's seriously worth it, I can use it for a few months before it's empty. The eyebrow pencil i Bought in Rosmann in Germany for €1, and i just wanted to try, like the price is just nothing, so I wanted to try if it is just a poor pencil or a really good one, so I was really surprised, for €1 it's a really good pencil, I can use the pencil sharpener and nothing happens. So also a good eyebrow product :)
Wibo - Concealer palette / Maybelline New york - Gelliner black/ Wibo- Royal Shimmer highlighter

So again 2 products of ' Wibo' What I also bought with te contour palette, The concealer is really great, I don't need much to cover something on my face, it's a little bit a thick texture but that's fine. The blue one I use for redness or pimples, on the left side under, I use under my eyes and sometimes to highlight under my eyebrows, on the left above I use on some places like my nose or cheeks, and right above I don't use it that much it's like a highlighter. Wibo Royal shimmer is also a nice product to highlight but don't use to much because it's shimmers. And again a Maybelline New York product, a gel liner, it's nice and soft, without any problems you can make a nice eyeliner look . . So again the products from Wibo i bought in Poland and the gel liner of Maybelline, you can find it in a drugstore
Calvin Klein -Eternity Moment perfume

I really... really love perfumes.. I'm just a perfume freak. This one was a Christmas present from my sister, and omg it smells soo good, I'm literally in love with this one
Carice Eye Matic Dip liner waterproof / Syoss Volume Lift Dry shampoo

The dip liner I use for the wings of my eyeliner look, it's really nice black, sometimes I use a eye brighter pencil from lovely , it stays for a long time, but you need to blend it a little bit, because it has much pigment. You can find it in a drugstore, the lovely eye brighter pencil I bought in Poland so I don't know if you can find it somewhere else.

And the last beauty product, dry shampoo from Syoss, I washed my hair every day and I wanted to change that because it isn't healthy for your hair, so I searched for a dry shampoo and found one from Syoss, I took it with me to try it out and its actually a nice product ! Also available in a drugstore :) 

Accessories :
Goldish Necklace/ Primark

Goldish watch / Primark
Ring (It looks a little bit like an engagement ring :P )/ Orsay

Ring with 2 beautiful 'stones' / H&M

Stylish Earrings / Orsay

Music / Gadgets and more ✨ :

Cosmopolitan magazine, I really love to read this magazine every month! :), Glasses, I don't use them as that much, but sometimes I need them, and yes my iPhone 6, most important thing, having contact with friends and also taking pictures , and also my macbook and my camera ( Nikon D3200)

xoxo - P.

donderdag 15 oktober 2015


Jessica - Patricia - Nynke

Hey! We are Vuala Fash, Three girls from The Netherlands, in this blog we'll be posting things about Fashion, Make-up, Hair, Food, Photography, lifestyle and our journeys together. We met about one year ago, when we started college. We're studying For Multi Media and Graphic design. And ever since we met, we have been inseparable. Patrica is going to post most of the Make-up related posts, Nynke the most Hair related posts, and Jessica most of the Food related content. We're looking forward to this adventure, and hope you'll like our blog! Xoxo,

Hey everyone! my name is Patrica, im eighteen years old. I am half Dutch, half Polish. I really like make-up/fashion and lifestyle, that's why Im going to post most of this related things. I also like to spend time with my friends and family, travel and relaxing. . . sometimes cooking and photography. Sometimes I like too watch movies, I don't really have a favorite one. I like to search inspiration, like from the world, people, pinterest, tumblr and instagram. I like light/ bright colors (standard colors) like black, white, pastel and ''baby'' colors (pink-blue etc). Food is also what I really like, I love the Polish kitchen , Italian and too bad. . . also fastfood. I am an relaxed person, friendly, sometimes crazy (mostly with my friends). I am a perfume freak, I really love it! So yeah.. this is me . . . you'll get to know me eventually I hope U guys gonna like this blog! -Xoxo-

Hey there!
my name is Nynke and I am eighteen years old. I love to dye my hair, It has been red, pink, purple and green for so far (but I’m sure more colors will follow xp) and I can braid hair quite good, so that means I’m the crazy hair person here. That’s also what I will show you the most, I guess. But I love other things as well, such as fashion and make-up (although my make-up style is very natural)

To get to know me you must know that I love to watch series, writing, making art (such as drawing and photomanipulations) and horse riding, those are my favorite things to do in my spare time. To be honest, I spend quite some time at the stable where I take care of a beautiful Arabian stallion together with a friend, and It’s really what I love to do. So, I’m pretty much an horse loving person. But when I’m not at school, work or at the stable I love to watch series (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, The Knick, Supernatural, enz.) and I write, so maybe one time I’ll let you read my stories

hellooo! Im Jessica, Im seventeen years old, I love photography, hanging out with friends, and cycle racing. As you may have seen already, im gonna be posting most of the food related content, I love making smoothies, milkshakes, pastries and such! and would love to share recipes with others. I also really like make-up and things like that, but nothing can surpass food (exept for kittens and puppies, they surpass everything) I really like spending time with friends and family, but I also like to be on my own sometimes. I can be a really shy and layed-back person, but most of the time, Im kinda crazy. I'm scared of basically everything and everyone, I really like listening to music, and watching series. I'm really looking forward to Vuala Fash, and hope you are too! - Xoxo -