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Favourites // January

Hi Guys !  So. . . The first favourites of the year are upon us ✨ It was a really cold month with a lot of snow, January has gone by so fast . . It's also the 1# post what I'm posting right now here. I wished I did it earlier but too bad I didn't had time to make a post. So. . we also trying to write as good as we can in English, so I'm sorry if I'm making a few mistakes. We hope you gonna like it :)Onto the favorites !Last month ( January ), I had a few favourites stuff/products, just different things, from make-up products to hair and many more !

Beauty Products ✨ :

FIT maybelline new york Foundation .130 / Chanel SPF 15/60
I really like the maybelline new york fit foundation, it's really nice and not expensive, I don't need much of it you can just put a small drop on you're hand and that's it ! and it's enough for you're whole face :) I can use it for like a month before it's empty . .  The foundation of Chanel is too bad a little too dark for my face, but that's not the end of the world and I don't going to throw it away. So I use it for my cheeks like a bronzer, sometimes I use it for contouring my face. It's not a thick foundation what is also a +, it's nice and smooth and with this one the same story, you just need a small drop and that's enough  :)
The FIT Maybelline New York foundation are available in the drugstores and Chanel is available in stores like  Douglas  
CATRICE Lipticks : < Ultimate Colour 'on the pink side of life'390 - > Luminous Lips 'pretty little valentine' 040

The black one I bought spontaneously , I just wanted a new lipstick so I bought this one, and I just love it ... as you can see, because a small piece of it left . . The colour is perfect, it's not to dark and it's a matt color, It stays  for a while on you're lips. It's a fine lipstick for just everyday. So and late I bought the silver one, and I'm also in love with that color it looks darker than in reality, it's actually like a nude color with a little bit shine, you can compare it a little bit to a labello stick... Those are available in the drugstores 

Wibo - Contour Pallette - 3 steps to perfect face

I searched for a while for a contour palette, I went for Christmas / New year holidays to Poland, I went to a drugstore (Rosmann) and saw this one, I didn't know if it was worth the money, but i took it with me to try this one, I als never heard  of the brand ' Wibo'  so i try it out an I'm satisfied of this product, it's a good product, without any problems I can contour my face, you don't need much of it because it has much pigment in the colors, I use it very often, so it's defiantly a favorite one. . I bought this in Poland in the Rosmann, so I don't know of this is available in other drugstores because I don't really know this brand. But who knows you can find somewhere  or just search on the internet :)

Maybelline New York - Brow Drama . medium brown /  Rival de Loop Eyebrowpencil

Eyebrow Gel from Maybelline New York . . . Just a very. . very nice product, If you fill in you're eyebrows and you want them on point, You can brush it over you're eyebrows and it stays the whole day, Once I felt a sleep . . and believe me, nothing happend with the eyebrows, It isn't expensive so for that money it's seriously worth it, I can use it for a few months before it's empty. The eyebrow pencil i Bought in Rosmann in Germany for €1, and i just wanted to try, like the price is just nothing, so I wanted to try if it is just a poor pencil or a really good one, so I was really surprised, for €1 it's a really good pencil, I can use the pencil sharpener and nothing happens. So also a good eyebrow product :)
Wibo - Concealer palette / Maybelline New york - Gelliner black/ Wibo- Royal Shimmer highlighter

So again 2 products of ' Wibo' What I also bought with te contour palette, The concealer is really great, I don't need much to cover something on my face, it's a little bit a thick texture but that's fine. The blue one I use for redness or pimples, on the left side under, I use under my eyes and sometimes to highlight under my eyebrows, on the left above I use on some places like my nose or cheeks, and right above I don't use it that much it's like a highlighter. Wibo Royal shimmer is also a nice product to highlight but don't use to much because it's shimmers. And again a Maybelline New York product, a gel liner, it's nice and soft, without any problems you can make a nice eyeliner look . . So again the products from Wibo i bought in Poland and the gel liner of Maybelline, you can find it in a drugstore
Calvin Klein -Eternity Moment perfume

I really... really love perfumes.. I'm just a perfume freak. This one was a Christmas present from my sister, and omg it smells soo good, I'm literally in love with this one
Carice Eye Matic Dip liner waterproof / Syoss Volume Lift Dry shampoo

The dip liner I use for the wings of my eyeliner look, it's really nice black, sometimes I use a eye brighter pencil from lovely , it stays for a long time, but you need to blend it a little bit, because it has much pigment. You can find it in a drugstore, the lovely eye brighter pencil I bought in Poland so I don't know if you can find it somewhere else.

And the last beauty product, dry shampoo from Syoss, I washed my hair every day and I wanted to change that because it isn't healthy for your hair, so I searched for a dry shampoo and found one from Syoss, I took it with me to try it out and its actually a nice product ! Also available in a drugstore :) 

Accessories :
Goldish Necklace/ Primark

Goldish watch / Primark
Ring (It looks a little bit like an engagement ring :P )/ Orsay

Ring with 2 beautiful 'stones' / H&M

Stylish Earrings / Orsay

Music / Gadgets and more ✨ :

Cosmopolitan magazine, I really love to read this magazine every month! :), Glasses, I don't use them as that much, but sometimes I need them, and yes my iPhone 6, most important thing, having contact with friends and also taking pictures , and also my macbook and my camera ( Nikon D3200)

xoxo - P.

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